Rapid Application Development Windows, Web and Services


Using our product, customers get a framework that will allow:


  • To use different templates to create solutions in various technologies (Windows, Web, service-based layers, stand-alone, etc..).
  • Assist in defining the physical structure of the application.
  • Delimit the logical division of components and the mode of communication between the different layers through the network LAN, WAN or Internet.
  • Get a secure data access.
  • Use different base templates for construction of various types of forms (CRUD'S, lists, dialogs, wizards) to the client layer.
  • Use different base classes for the construction of objects of various functionalities of the business layer side.
  • Have a full library with advanced controls.
  • Having a library of methods for managing files, strings, dates, numbers, email sending, printing, etc.
  • Configure physical and logical security with a roles profiles
  • Having a mechanism error propagation among different layers.
  • Administering the configuration of the entire system.
  • Using a data dictionary expandible to bottom the safety and system documentation.

With these capabilities, the following benefits are obtained:


  • Reduced development times up to 40% by having a solid infrastructure on which to base the developments.
  • Reduce the learning curve on a new technology using a stable and proven tool.
  • Reducing maintenance costs of your systems due to migration of versions by having a tool that is kept constantly updated to the latest version of Microsoft. Net Framework .

Unlike some products that could be found in the market, which in most cases are a set of libraries that cover only some of the necessary factors (or user controls, or any other communications or punctual factor), startFrame Net Framework is an architectural framework that covers all aspects that a solution should consider to work properly.


Our mission is to provide solutions for NET technology, a user-friendly way, reducing production time, cost and implementation.


The multiple projects where we have used startFrame are a guarantee of what we know and can do.


A professional with the experience you need will be in touch with your team, upon request.  (click here)

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